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PUBLISHED 11 July 2022 


"If you have spent any time wondering about human nature and our need to form and belong to groups, this book is for you. Minsos offers a new twist on group dynamics, ranging from the smallest unit of the family to the local community and outward, incorporating the larger multicultural world. Dr. Minsos is confident, feisty, and has a sharp wit as she offers a well substantiated perspective on our game playing."

Claudia Petersmeyer PhD

Cultural manners (laws, bylaws, policies, civilities), unlike the fixed and fundamental first rule of socialization, are agile. 

First rule of socialization: All power structures – culture clubs – have identical dominator-complior, authoritarian structures. The knitting club has a president. So does the nation. And yet power structures seem so different. That's because dominators set manners (laws, bylaws, policies, civilities), and they adapt the rules to contemporary affordances. 

Manners make culture clubs distinguishable.

Basic premise and starting point: No such thing as human races. All humans are Homo sapiens. One "race." Period.

Artificial Intelligence should steer clear of imitating the limbic systems of animals. 

"The game of life is about sentient players finding and going along with authority – if it suits them. The game is about building teams (culture clubs) and holding teams together with harmonizing manners to allow the team to focus on a common goal." 
Culture Clubs: The Real Fate of Societies, p.154


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Looking at power structures (culture clubs) and pointing out how changing affordances change our manners. S. Minsos.

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